1981 Review of Caroline Gordon’s Aleck Maury: Sportsman (reissue)

aleck mauryABOUT 12 OF US were gathered in a friend’s office eating bag lunches and talking about recent books. I mentioned my excitement over the news that Farrar, Straus was publishing a collection of all of Caroline Gordon’s short fiction and that Southern Illinois University Press had just reissued her novel Aleck Maury: Sportsman. My announcement was met with puzzled stares. Finally one young woman, apparently speaking for the rest, said: “I don’t know Caroline Gordon.” I raised my eyes to meet those of the only other person in the room over 40, and we shook our heads. A generation has arisen who knows not Joseph. But even for those deprived, it is not too late.  —Katherine Paterson, “Caroline Gordon’s House of Fiction.” The Washington Post (19 April 1981)

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