Caroline Gordon’s Advice to a Young Flannery O’Connor: November 13, 1951

1953 Signet Edition

“[H]is eyes were what held her attention longest. Their settings were so deep that they seemed, to her, almost like passages leading somewhere and she leaned halfway across the space that separated the two seats, trying to see into them.”—Flannery O’Connor, Wise Blood

You begin and end the book with his eyes. This is one of those places that mustn’t be hurried over. In fact, it might be well to do it twice, that is, in two ways. Mrs. Hitchcock ought to spend more time over his eyes so that the reader, looking over her shoulder, will also tarry there long enough to realize that they are, indeed, very peculiar.
—Caroline Gordon to Flannery O’Connor, 13 November 1951

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