8 January 1964: Gordon to O’Connor

"When I reached my uncle's house," Gordon wrote to O'Connor, "my cousin, Manny, warned me not to mention Kennedy's name. My aunt doesn't like him much better than she liked Roosevelt. Those members of my family have all turned Republican. I always feel like saying, 'But you haven't got enough money to turn Republican'." from… Continue reading 8 January 1964: Gordon to O’Connor

The Scaffolding of Friendship

One of the most famous (and beautiful) lines of O'Connor's Wise Blood is her description of Taulkinham: The black sky was underpinned with long silver streaks that looked like scaffolding and depth on depth behind it were thousands of stars that all seemed to be moving very slowly as if they were about some vast… Continue reading The Scaffolding of Friendship

Join the Flannery O’Connor Society

Meet like-minded O'Connor readers and scholars, receive updates on the latest news in the O'Connor world, and participate in conferences that celebrate FOC.  Now over 400 members strong, the Society offers countless resources; membership is $20 annually. The latest newsletter contains information on: How Fordham University has received a $450,000 grant, distributed in $50,000 installments… Continue reading Join the Flannery O’Connor Society

Flannery and Gretchen: On Prayer

In “What Did Flannery O’Connor Pray For?” writer Gretchen Rubin muses about Flannery O’Connor’s devotion to St. Raphael. “As I’m thinking about O’Connor,” Rubin says, “I wonder if her prayers to meet the person she was looking for was tied, at least in part, to her art.” Utterly, completely: yes. (Rubin returns to this consideration,… Continue reading Flannery and Gretchen: On Prayer

Flannery and Bruce

From Damian J. Ference, “Naming Sin: Flannery O’Connor’s Mark on Bruce Springsteen”: Springsteen began reading O’Connor’s stories in his late twenties, which was at same the time he was working on Darkness on the Edge of Town, released in 1978. In his review of Darkness in Rolling Stone, Paul Nelson writes, “Many of the characters in the songs on Bruce… Continue reading Flannery and Bruce